Our montana staff

Lawana McGuffey LAC, SWLC

Lawana McGuffey LAC, SWLC, is a contract counselor for the Papillion center who lives and sees clients in Montana. Lawana and her husband Clint have 8 children and are expecting their 12th grandchild. Lawana has been a foster mom, and has children through remarriage, birth and adoption. Her concern and love for children, parents and extended family have led her to the Papillion Center and TBRI. Lawana has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Jacksonville State University, in Alabama and she obtained her Master of Social Work from Campbellsville University in Kentucky. Lawana loves working with adults and children. TBRI is her theoretical preference. She is also training to specialize in prenatal drug and alcohol exposure and is passionate about working with families who are navigating the changes brought on by prenatal exposures. She works alongside health care and social work professionals to increase advocacy, understanding, and aid in the prevention of FASD. In addition to TBRI Lawana utilizes techniques such as EMDR and CBT to help clients suffering from trauma. In her free time, Lawana enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, wildcrafting herbs, and writing.